Sun White industrial Co., Ltd. established in 1990 as a professional indoor furniture manufacturer and exporter. Extensive practical experience and academic knowledge with combining glass, solid wood, engineered wood, steel, plastic, gas spring, motor, electronic parts and etc. into composite furniture.

Work with European, US, Japan etc. brands or importer for decades, and Sun White has remained 99% qualification rate of product test, shipment inspection and factory audit all the time.

In-house coating system is qualified for world and Taiwan's Environmental regulations. All the wastewater and gas that generated by production are filtered before exhausted and release. It is Sun White's obligation to protect the environment as a factory.

With various production equipment, composite material application knowledge, structural engineer and production designer to fulfil all kind of product production requirement.

Product design, the figure needs to meet market trend, price point, safety demands. Internal design needs to including package strength, structure strength, lifetime, quality in process, quality stability during long term usage and etc. invisible requirement. Base on different material and application we will set the inspection standard from AQL1.5 to 100%.
All the product which are designed and made by Sun White, will be well control and handled.

About material that we use, not only consider the durability in long term, structure strength, material properties, but also to make sure the material, and coating are toxic free, to protect the user and environment.

Not only the product quality but also the " On Time Delivery" is the primary work principles that all dept. must adhere to. Sun White understands the complicated handling of delivery, storage, cash flow and etc. control of customer side. Customer can save lot of implicit costs when the supplier can well control the delivery schedule.

All Sun White products are made in Taiwan, export from Taiwan, in a stable production environment.

Capacity: 100 x 40'HQ/ Month

Wooden Board

  Edge Banding


  Precise copper welding
Accurate CO2 welding
  Robert automatic welding
Complete surface coating line
   Air treating unit which is in line with the national standard
Discharge water treatment equipment    

  Container Loading